30 Oct 2012

NYX The Runway Collection

I am a big fan of NYX eye shadows and I recently got two of the 10 colour palettes from their Runway Collection. I got "Caviar & Bubbles" and "Catwalk" and have more or less used them every day since getting them, as I absolutely love them and as I am a big lover of neutral colours these two were right up my alley. NYX is a fairly inexpensive brand, unfortunateley not available in store here in DK so I have bought all my stuff on Amazon. Like the other NYX shadows I have, these just have such good staying power, good pigmentation, are super blendable and the packaging is extremely travel-friendly which is always a plus. I will say that they work best with primer and that the matt colours do have a bit of fallout, but I always use primer anyway and if you remember to tap your brush before applying the colour these are issues not really worth mentioning :)
Caviar & Bubbles has a good variety of greys, beige and campagne shimmer and matt shades and provides endless options for neutral looks, which is perfect for me, plus I just love the name of this palette!

Catwalk also has a good variety of matt and shimmer colours, but the look is more bronz, burnt and warm, but still fairly neutral.

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29 Oct 2012

Shoes Of The Day - SOTD

My very favourite dark pink patent leather pumps from Faith. I just love these! I got them about a year ago in London. I had seen them in a department store here in DK, but they were sold out in my size. Luckily I was able to find them in London shortly after that. I love the colour, I love the rounded toe but I could have done with a heel that was just 1 cm shorter though, then they would have been perfect ;)

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27 Oct 2012

Matas haul

I was running low on a few things so took a trip to Matas (local DK drugstore) to stock up. Lucky for me, my shaving gel from Gillette was on sale, so I got 2. This one is dye and fragrance free which is always a plus in my book. I also got a foot and heel treatment from Matas own brand. I have read some reviews on this and it is supposed to be a miracle cure for cracked feet and callous, so I thought I would try it out. This is a thick thick creme and promises to be very economical, so fingers crossed that this is just what I need to make me feet soft and smooth again :) 
I had also run out of my Neutral alcoholic swabs that I use for brush cleaning. They are a little hard to come by so I bought 3 boxes just to be on the safe side. From the same brand I got a package of makeup remover wipes as well. I have tried several brands over the years and without fail they have all broken me out after just few uses, but these ones are perfect. They are mild and soothing with a pH of 5,2 and totally perfume, dye and paraben free. I use these as the first step in my cleansing routine at night.

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26 Oct 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

I have had my eye on the Real Techniques Brushes for a while now and I finally gave in an ordered 4 individual ones on Amazon. I got the shading brush, the stippling brush, the setting brush and the powder brush.

Initially I was a little surprised at the size of the brushes. Apart from the powder brush I found the other 3 to be smaller than I had thought they would be. The shading brush is prefect for getting colour in the inner corner, but in terms of packing on colour on the whole lid I just don't think I have the patience for a small brush like this one is ;) I am still a little undecided on the stippling brush, but it will be getting a proper chance before my final verdict. Even though I found the setting brush a little small at first, I actually really liked it for setting my under eye concealer and for applying my powder highlighter. Finally the powder brush, my favourite of the 4, which is very very soft and I was actually somewhat sceptical at first as to whether it was just too soft, but I am absolutely loving it! I have changed nothing about my routine except for this brush, but the final finish is visibly different (at least to me), the look it gives is much more natural even if I feel like I used the same amount of product and the coverage is still there.

I do have to mention that these brushes are SO soft, I mean ubelievably soft. Especially the powder brush which just feels so amazing on the skin! I am not sure I can ever use any other powder brush after trying this one. It truly feels like heaven on the skin.

Overall I think these are some really great brushes. The size "issue" has nothing to do with the actual quality of the brushes, which in this case is really good. They feel well-made and I like that the bigger ones can stand up on their own. So I'm a fan and will definately be looking into the rest of the collection at some point ;) Pin It

25 Oct 2012

Rose Confidentiel by Chanel

Rose Confidentiel is one of my all-time favourite colours from Chanel. Such a pretty dusty rose that is prefect for this time of year. I love bringing out old colours for the different seasons and getting to fall in love with them all over again :)  

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23 Oct 2012

Blotting paper & BB cream

Blotting paper is supposedly good for shine and oil control. The paper is meant absorb the excess oil/shine from the face without smudging out your makeup. I have never tried these as I normally have a pressed powder with me to fix the problem. However using a powder does mean adding more product to my face which I really wanted to get away from, so I found these from Paul & Joe. There are a million different brands out there and my reason for picking these were solely based on (low)price :) But hopefully they will do the trick; I can't wait to try them out.
Next up is my Stila Stay All day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm = BB Cream. I wasn't really planning on jumping on the whole BB cream band wagon, but I tried this in a store recently and was pleasantly surprised by the colour and texture. All other BB creams I have looked at all seem to have some scary colour that I do not dare to put on my face! So after finding this one non-intimidating I decided to get it and I have now been using it for about a month and I am really liking it. If you read all the benefits on the packaging it does sound like this is some kind of miracle product, but I wouldn't go that far though. I do really like it, as it hydrates my skin and works as a "primer" for my foundation. After I have started using this I have reduced the amount of foundation I would normally use to about half as this does give a fair amount of coverage on its own. On days when I am not really going for a full-coverage look I just use this with a powder over it and that works really good as well. However it won't fix everything, it doesn't on my in any case, but over all this is a really good product that I will be repurchasing..even if I do still think this whole BB cream fad is a bit overrated :)

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22 Oct 2012

Mini MAC haul

I am not a big MAC-oholic by any means, I think they have some really great products, but their prices are just too high and that puts me off most of the time. However there are a few items that I do pick up again and again, and that is their brush cleanser and their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder. As I was close to running out of both I went to the store this weekend to stock up :)
When it comes to brush cleaning some people are fine with using regular shampoo or the like to clean their make-up brushes, but my skin is super sensitive and I break out easily so I need to be 100% sure that my brushes are clean and sanitized and as most shampoos for one thing do not contain alcohol, I prefer using an actual brush cleanser like this one from MAC. This bottle contains 233ml and costs DKK 95,- I am ok with that price as it lasts me a long time. I know other make up brands also do similar cleansers, but so far I am really happy with this one :)

As I have oily skin I find it necessary to set my foundation with a powder every day and I really love MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, my shade is Medium Plus. This is a light powder with a light coverage, but I find that it's perfect for setting my foundation. I apply it lightly with a big fluffy brush which helps give me a matte but natural finish that it isn't too heavy.

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18 Oct 2012

MyBeautyBox #1 Everday Glam

Today was the day for the very first box from MyBeautyBox. I definitely think they are off to a very good start with the pink and black packaging. The black box makes it look almost exclusive, which is always good and who doesn't love a dark pink?! Inside are the 5 products - all full size. 

First up is Urban Decay's Afterglow Glide-on Cheek tint in Indecent. This is a creme blush/tint in a dark peach colour. The glow comes from what looks like tiny gold particles, which should be kept in mind if you are not a fan off shimmer in your blush, but I don't think they are to overpowering though. I tried it on quickly and it does give a nice subtle (shimmer)glow to the cheeks.

Next up are two lip products, Stila Glaze Lip Liner in Rose and W7 Mega Matte lips (cannot see a name/number). I am already loving the Stila lip liner. Stila is one of my alltime favourite make up brands, but this is my first lip liner. I don't really use lip liners and I am not a big fan of very colourfull lips in general (on myself that is), but this colour is amazing. A matte neutral rose that looks great with my Stila gloss in Kitten on top :) W7's Mega Matte lips is a product that should go on as a gloss but with a finish as a lipstick. Shiny lips are apprently so last season and matte is what's hot. I am not sure about the colour, it might just be a little dark for me, but I will definitely be giving it a try - with a neutral gloss over it..as I do love a shiny lip ;)

Last up is Sally Hansen Two-step Renewal System for Hands. I am always a little apprehensive when it comes to cremes and lotions, mostly because I am super sensitive about scents/smells and just can't use stuff that is too strong. But these seem fine and do not have an overpowering smell that lingers. Step one is a soothing hand scrub, I can't remember the last time I used a scrub for my hands, but I think it'll be nice to use every once in a while. Second step is the hand creme, which apparently is brightening and firming, it contains keratin and collagen and claims to visibly improve skin tone. I must admit that I have never really been concerned with the skin tone on my hands or have ever wanted them to be brighter. I have tried the two-step and my hands do feel really smooth and soft, I might be all about firmer hands but not sure about the brightening part. I guess I will have to use it a bit longer to see what I might have been missing ;)

So that was the premiere of MyBeautyBox and so far I am pleasantly surprised. Stila and Urban Decay are really great brands and I think the colours I got in my box were prefectly suited for me. There are some things I probably wouldn't have picked myself, but that is the whole point of the this box-concept, that you get to try things, also things you perhaps wouldn't have thought to try yourself. There will always be hits and misses, but as long as the hits outway the missed overall I think it's a sucess. Bring on box #2 :)
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17 Oct 2012

Shoes Of The Day

Grey Calvin Klein pumps courtesy of T.J. Maxx. I don't normally go for a pointed toe, but I really liked these. I thought the whole velour look made them a little different and it's good to diversify even with ones shoes :) The heel has a good height and I am especially loving the extra padding at the heel and the front on the inner sole. I think these will be a permant part of my wardrobe for autumn and winter.

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16 Oct 2012

New Marimekko computer case

I recently got myself a new laptop, but it didn't come with a case. I was planning on just getting a basic black one or the like, but when I stumbled upon this Marimekko Huppu Korsi Laptop & Attaché Case (that totally matched my Marimekko cosmetic bag ) I had to have it. Plus it was 50% off, which I obviously took as a sign :)


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15 Oct 2012

Shoes Of The Day - Wellies

Living in Denmark wellies are a must, well anything to protect you against the rain is a must. But let's be honest most rain gear makes you feel far from fashionable, so I knew I had to have these Michael Kors wedge wellies when I saw them. They caught my eye at an outlet in the US but unfortunately they didn't have my size, so I had to resort to Ebay, which meant that with postage and everything they ended up with a steep price tag on the wrong side off $100...but I have had them for about 3 years now and I still <3 them as much as I did when I first got them. They make getting through those rainy days a little easier ;)

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12 Oct 2012

Blue Rebel by Chanel

So I am obviously very late to the Les Jeans de Chanel partyThe collection inspired by blue jeans was initially launched as a limited edition collection for Fashion's Night Out 2011, I am not entirely sure when the 3 colours became available here in DK, but in any case I was not really all that impressed and didn't buy any of them. Fast forward to my recent trip to NY where my sister-in-law bought Blue Rebel and I got to see this amazing petrol blue colour on the nails and knew I had to have it. Lucky for me our local department store still had it as I wasn't smart enough to buy it in NY. I am not sure if the colours are now part of the permanent collection or if they will just keep selling them till stock runs out.
It is a much darker and deeper petrol blue than the picture shows.

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11 Oct 2012

Shoes Of The Day - Tory Burch

Shoes of the Day, more like Shoes of the Year, the decade perhaps...Ok, I really really really love these shoes :) These are the classic Reva ballet flats from Tory Burch. I have been wanting a pair of Tory Burch flats for a long time now and decided that I would treat myself when I was in NY recently. TB shoes are not cheap, so I wanted to get a pair of classic black ballet flats, that will never go out of style. This is their signature shoe, that bares the tagline "the epitome of effortless chic" and who doesn't want to epitomise that!
On top of looking fantastic these are also super comfortable and I am already saving up for my next pair :)

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9 Oct 2012

Stylenomics by Essie

Stylenomics is from Essie's limited edition autumn collection and I am totally in love with it :) It is a dark dark green, so dark that almost comes off black, the picture doesn't do it justice at all. This is such an amazing colour, really deep and just perfect for autumn. One coat is enough and the green comes through better with just the one coat, however I did do two coats which make the colour more deep and dark. I am still undecided about the bigger brush that it comes with, I am not sure if I like it or not. I will have to try it a few more times to make up my mind. None of the other colours in the collection really caught my eye, except for maybe Skirting the Issue which is a dark red. But for now I am just loving my Stylenomics.


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8 Oct 2012

New Stila goodies from BeautyBay

The postman just dropped off another package with Stila goodies from BeautyBay :) They had 15% off recently, so I thought I would stock up on some of my favorite Stila products. I got the silk shimmer luxe gloss in Kitten. This is the best lip gloss ever in my book. Aside from the lovely scent of coconut, this gloss has an amazing staying power. It is a great sheer champagne colour with a touch of pink, perfect neutral colour to use on its own or as the finishing touch over a lipstick. I have tried several of the Stila lip products in numerous colours, but I always come back to Kitten and this formula in particular.
The second product I got was the Perfect & Correct foundation in Light, which is one of my top three foundations. The consistency is a bit like a heavy whipped cream, making it really light and goes on very smoothly. It has medium coverage, I find that one layer is enough for me, but like with any foundation you can keep layering till you get the desired coverage. It has good staying power as well and seems to last me all day, I have an oily T-zone so I do set it with a powder.


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5 Oct 2012

Skincare haul

Normally I am very reluctant to try new skincare products, especially for my face as I have super sensitive skin, that will breakout with the smallest change. That makes this skincare haul extra special as all these products are some I have never tried before. Recently I have been trying to educate myself on skincare and through that tried to figure out the do's and don'ts in terms of products and ingredients for skin like mine. This haul is my first attempt at using my new skincare knowledge when buying products, so naturally I'm super excited to see how it all works out :)

All the products are from SkinMD and Paula's Choice
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3 Oct 2012

SOTD - Shoes Of The Day

Shoes Of The Day are boots! My very favourite flat boots from Clarks, that I got at the Bicester Village Outlet a year or so ago. I am not normally a big fan of flat shoes/boots, but when I saw these I had to have them. They are possibly the most comfortable shoes that I own and my go-to for long days at work (like the 14 hour one I have today). I love wearing them with skinny jeans or a dress with leggings. They are leather boots that zip down the back, but the thing that makes them so fantastic is fact that the heel is rubber! This makes them so soft to walk on and even after wearing them for a whole day there are no sore feet in sight :)

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2 Oct 2012

New Sigma brushes

Yesterday I received my new Performance Eyes kit from Sigma. The kit includes 8 different eye brushes: eye liner, tightline liner, waterline liner, smudge, blending, shader inner corner, shader crease and shader lid. (see more on Sigmas website). I also got a regular shader (E55) and they included a little test from their new brow kit.
Most of the brushes I use are from Sigma as I think they are good quality brushes for a fair price. You can find their brushes on some local websites, but their selection tend to be sparse and even if Sigma ships from the US it took less than a week for my order to arrive.

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1 Oct 2012

SOTD - Steve Madden Wedge Sneakers

So this weekend I became a slave to fashion :) I gave in and got these fab high-top “LLEVE” wedge sneakers by Steve Madden. I think they are absolutely fantastic! The heal height is 3.5 inches which comes to almost 9cm but the wedge makes that workable. I'm loving the sporty but sophisticated look and think these are prefect for adding a little more style to a more casual look.

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