22 Oct 2012

Mini MAC haul

I am not a big MAC-oholic by any means, I think they have some really great products, but their prices are just too high and that puts me off most of the time. However there are a few items that I do pick up again and again, and that is their brush cleanser and their Mineralize Skinfinish Natural powder. As I was close to running out of both I went to the store this weekend to stock up :)
When it comes to brush cleaning some people are fine with using regular shampoo or the like to clean their make-up brushes, but my skin is super sensitive and I break out easily so I need to be 100% sure that my brushes are clean and sanitized and as most shampoos for one thing do not contain alcohol, I prefer using an actual brush cleanser like this one from MAC. This bottle contains 233ml and costs DKK 95,- I am ok with that price as it lasts me a long time. I know other make up brands also do similar cleansers, but so far I am really happy with this one :)

As I have oily skin I find it necessary to set my foundation with a powder every day and I really love MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, my shade is Medium Plus. This is a light powder with a light coverage, but I find that it's perfect for setting my foundation. I apply it lightly with a big fluffy brush which helps give me a matte but natural finish that it isn't too heavy.

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