12 Oct 2012

Blue Rebel by Chanel

So I am obviously very late to the Les Jeans de Chanel partyThe collection inspired by blue jeans was initially launched as a limited edition collection for Fashion's Night Out 2011, I am not entirely sure when the 3 colours became available here in DK, but in any case I was not really all that impressed and didn't buy any of them. Fast forward to my recent trip to NY where my sister-in-law bought Blue Rebel and I got to see this amazing petrol blue colour on the nails and knew I had to have it. Lucky for me our local department store still had it as I wasn't smart enough to buy it in NY. I am not sure if the colours are now part of the permanent collection or if they will just keep selling them till stock runs out.
It is a much darker and deeper petrol blue than the picture shows.

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