18 Oct 2012

MyBeautyBox #1 Everday Glam

Today was the day for the very first box from MyBeautyBox. I definitely think they are off to a very good start with the pink and black packaging. The black box makes it look almost exclusive, which is always good and who doesn't love a dark pink?! Inside are the 5 products - all full size. 

First up is Urban Decay's Afterglow Glide-on Cheek tint in Indecent. This is a creme blush/tint in a dark peach colour. The glow comes from what looks like tiny gold particles, which should be kept in mind if you are not a fan off shimmer in your blush, but I don't think they are to overpowering though. I tried it on quickly and it does give a nice subtle (shimmer)glow to the cheeks.

Next up are two lip products, Stila Glaze Lip Liner in Rose and W7 Mega Matte lips (cannot see a name/number). I am already loving the Stila lip liner. Stila is one of my alltime favourite make up brands, but this is my first lip liner. I don't really use lip liners and I am not a big fan of very colourfull lips in general (on myself that is), but this colour is amazing. A matte neutral rose that looks great with my Stila gloss in Kitten on top :) W7's Mega Matte lips is a product that should go on as a gloss but with a finish as a lipstick. Shiny lips are apprently so last season and matte is what's hot. I am not sure about the colour, it might just be a little dark for me, but I will definitely be giving it a try - with a neutral gloss over it..as I do love a shiny lip ;)

Last up is Sally Hansen Two-step Renewal System for Hands. I am always a little apprehensive when it comes to cremes and lotions, mostly because I am super sensitive about scents/smells and just can't use stuff that is too strong. But these seem fine and do not have an overpowering smell that lingers. Step one is a soothing hand scrub, I can't remember the last time I used a scrub for my hands, but I think it'll be nice to use every once in a while. Second step is the hand creme, which apparently is brightening and firming, it contains keratin and collagen and claims to visibly improve skin tone. I must admit that I have never really been concerned with the skin tone on my hands or have ever wanted them to be brighter. I have tried the two-step and my hands do feel really smooth and soft, I might be all about firmer hands but not sure about the brightening part. I guess I will have to use it a bit longer to see what I might have been missing ;)

So that was the premiere of MyBeautyBox and so far I am pleasantly surprised. Stila and Urban Decay are really great brands and I think the colours I got in my box were prefectly suited for me. There are some things I probably wouldn't have picked myself, but that is the whole point of the this box-concept, that you get to try things, also things you perhaps wouldn't have thought to try yourself. There will always be hits and misses, but as long as the hits outway the missed overall I think it's a sucess. Bring on box #2 :)
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