26 Oct 2012

Real Techniques Brushes

I have had my eye on the Real Techniques Brushes for a while now and I finally gave in an ordered 4 individual ones on Amazon. I got the shading brush, the stippling brush, the setting brush and the powder brush.

Initially I was a little surprised at the size of the brushes. Apart from the powder brush I found the other 3 to be smaller than I had thought they would be. The shading brush is prefect for getting colour in the inner corner, but in terms of packing on colour on the whole lid I just don't think I have the patience for a small brush like this one is ;) I am still a little undecided on the stippling brush, but it will be getting a proper chance before my final verdict. Even though I found the setting brush a little small at first, I actually really liked it for setting my under eye concealer and for applying my powder highlighter. Finally the powder brush, my favourite of the 4, which is very very soft and I was actually somewhat sceptical at first as to whether it was just too soft, but I am absolutely loving it! I have changed nothing about my routine except for this brush, but the final finish is visibly different (at least to me), the look it gives is much more natural even if I feel like I used the same amount of product and the coverage is still there.

I do have to mention that these brushes are SO soft, I mean ubelievably soft. Especially the powder brush which just feels so amazing on the skin! I am not sure I can ever use any other powder brush after trying this one. It truly feels like heaven on the skin.

Overall I think these are some really great brushes. The size "issue" has nothing to do with the actual quality of the brushes, which in this case is really good. They feel well-made and I like that the bigger ones can stand up on their own. So I'm a fan and will definately be looking into the rest of the collection at some point ;) Pin It

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