26 Apr 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful mini collection by OPI

OPI often makes limited edition collections to tie in with movies and their most recent collaboration is with Oz The Great and Powerful. The collection contains 7 different shades I believe, but I got the mini collection containing 4 of the colours: I Theodora You a sheer pink, Don't Burst My Bubble a sheer white, Glints of Glinda a sheer beige and What Wizardry is This? a taupe and one of their liquid sand lacquers. The first 3 of the colours all have pastel hue and are very sheer, really pretty shades for more neutral looking nails. The last shades is the only one that packs a little punch. It is a liquid sand shade which means that it has a textured finish and you can see and feel the little "grains of sand". 

I really like this little collection and even though the 3 light shades are a little hard to tell apart, I was looking for some sheer nail colours and I had wanted to try out one the liquid sand colours, so all in all this was the perfect deal for me, plus I really like the mini size bottles as I have yet to actually finish a with a nail varnish - of any brand :)

I Theodora You (thumb), Don't Burst My Bubble (index finger), Glints of Glinda (middle finger) and What Wizardry is This? (ring finger) 

Oh and if you haven't seen the film yet, go see it, it's really good :)

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25 Apr 2013

Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen

In my latest MyBeautyBox one of the items was a nail colour pen from Sally Hansen. I immediately loved the concept and had to try it out - what an amazing idea to put nail varnish in a pen! It works by pressing down on the top part and an amount of varnish is dispensed through the brush at the other end, just like lip gloss, a high lighter or the like. It was incredibly easy to use and the application was much quicker than with a "regular" nail varnish brush and it lives up to its tag line as it was super quick to dry. 
It did require two coat to get a proper coverage and I did experience some streaking with the finishing result. The staying power was acceptable, there was no "chipping", it more just wore off. But the pen is prefect to carry in your handbag for touch ups and with the easy application and fast drying ability it makes it so convenient to make them look perfect again. Initially I wasn't too happy with the colour which is fuchsia chrome, not a big fuchsia fan really but over the days I wore it the shade grew on me a little :) I can't say for sure if some of the issues I had with the streaking and wearing off is specific to this particular colour but I will definitely try out other colours as I love how easy it was to apply, how great it was for touch ups and I just think it's brilliant idea :)

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17 Apr 2013

Shoes Of The Day

Today's shoes are from my recent trip to London. They are the Dune Aleen ladies plain round toe medium court shoes in the colour apricot. I absolutely adore the apricot colour, the patent look and the round toe. I don't normally go for a shorter heel (80mm) like this, that being said it does make them more of an all-day shoes and make them a perfect for work. 

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16 Apr 2013

Revlon Brow Fantasy

Revlon is one of the brands that are not available here in Denmark, so when I go traveling I try to pick up some of their products to try out. I got the brow fantasy pencil & gel when I was in New York last year and it instantly became my favourite product to use on my brows. I still think that using a brow powder/eye shadow gives a much more natural look/finish, but for me it's just quicker using a pencil and when I do my make-up in the morning I am all about speed :) Whatever gets the job done the quickest is ultimately going to be my go-to and this pencil is great. I do also love the result I get with it and to me this pencil is just the right amount of creamy to apply with a good "colour payoff", but not greasy so that it becomes "obvious" and makes it look like you drew them on using a crayon :) I did buy the shade 104 dark blond in NY, but then placed the wrong order on Ebay once I got home and got the shade 108 light brown..however it turned out that both colours work well on me, so now I just use whichever one I grab first or choose the shade depending on what kind of look I'm doing that day.   

My only issue is that I wish that the pencil was longer as I don't really use the gel, as I find that it seems to clump up on my brows once is dries, which looks bad and in any case my brows don't really seem to "move around" during the day, so I don't feel I have the need for a gel. So I wish I could to just buy the pencil on its own in a "regular size" instead...that would be perfect :)

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5 Apr 2013

Nivea BB Cream

A few weeks ago I got a little sample of the new Nivea BB cream in one of my magazines and thought I would just try it out. The sample had enough product for me to try it twice, which proved to be more than enough for me to go out and buy the real thing :) Let me just say that I am not a big BB cream fan or user, I think it's all just a little bit of a silly gimmick and re-packaging of tinted moisturizer in most cases, but I have tried a few different ones and I have liked a few, that I sometimes use as an alternative to foundation.
But back to Nivea's version of the BB cream, which to me is like a foundation. This cream has definitly full coverage. It gives a flawless finish, but not a natural one like a tinted moisturizer. I personally prefer the full coverage and have therefor been really impressed by this one. It preformes better than some of the foundations I use and even though it is a very heavy cream (think typical Nivea) it seems to work ok with my oily skin, which really surprised me. I find that I don't really need to use me concealer as this does the job of covering any problems on my skin by itself. 

My only issue is the colour. I have it in the shade "Light", which I am assuming is the lightest one and even that is very dark (too dark) - don't let the picture fool you! I have to be very careful with how much I use, as I very quickly look extremely tanned. I think the colour will be great for summer, but then I'm a littled worried that it will just be too heavy, for me anyway. I have oily skin, which is even more predominant in summer and I have to wear lighter products to allow my skin to breath and as great as this is, it just a very thick and heavy cream...but we shall see, perhaps it'll surprise me ;)

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Shoes Of The Day - Tory Burch #2

Oh how I have a weakness for Tory Burch flats :) I was recently in London and made the mandatory trip to the Bicester Village Outlet where they have a TB store. The selection at the outlet store is obviously not as great as in the actual store, which in London is on New Bond Street (I did go just to browse...oh so many pretty shoes!), but the prices at Bicester are just a little less scary :) But even with the more limited selection I did manage to fall in love with this pair of tumble patent leather Reva flats. The colour is just fantastic...I am such a sucker for bright orange and I just had to have these. I can't wait for summer as these will definitely be the go-to for the season :)

PS: The colour is a perfect match for the Chanel nail varnish in Holiday :)

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