25 Apr 2013

Sally Hansen Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen

In my latest MyBeautyBox one of the items was a nail colour pen from Sally Hansen. I immediately loved the concept and had to try it out - what an amazing idea to put nail varnish in a pen! It works by pressing down on the top part and an amount of varnish is dispensed through the brush at the other end, just like lip gloss, a high lighter or the like. It was incredibly easy to use and the application was much quicker than with a "regular" nail varnish brush and it lives up to its tag line as it was super quick to dry. 
It did require two coat to get a proper coverage and I did experience some streaking with the finishing result. The staying power was acceptable, there was no "chipping", it more just wore off. But the pen is prefect to carry in your handbag for touch ups and with the easy application and fast drying ability it makes it so convenient to make them look perfect again. Initially I wasn't too happy with the colour which is fuchsia chrome, not a big fuchsia fan really but over the days I wore it the shade grew on me a little :) I can't say for sure if some of the issues I had with the streaking and wearing off is specific to this particular colour but I will definitely try out other colours as I love how easy it was to apply, how great it was for touch ups and I just think it's brilliant idea :)

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