28 Sep 2012

Frenzy by Chanel

When I first saw the new Chanel collection online I was convinced that Frenzy was going to be my signature colour this autumn and winter. However after trying it on I have to say this will not be the case. First of all the colour is a soft beige and not light grey like I initially thought, secondly the colour just looks off on me somehow. I was luckily my niece let me try on hers before I actual bought it myself. On the picture below I am wearing two coats and it almost look like I have nothing on. So this is one Chanel colour I shall be giving a miss this season :)

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27 Sep 2012


Another purchase from TJ Maxx are these KitchenAid items. Because it gives me grey hairs trying to convert the U.S. system of cups to our grams for recipes I thought I would get some measuring aids to make it easier. I got measuring spoons and cups as well as 4 bowls (each bowl holds 1 to 4 cups). In total I paid $15 which is quite amazing for KitchenAid products, that here in DK normally come with a pretty hefty price tag.

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26 Sep 2012

Stila In the know palette & Harvest set lip glaze

I just got another little package from BeautyBay, this time with all Stila goodies. Stila is by far one ofmy favourite make-up brands and I was really excited about getting this new palette "In the know". What is special about this particular palette is that it contains only matt eye shadows.
Normally most eye shadow palettes will contain maybe 1 or 2 matt shades if any and I really think matt colours can add a lot to a look, so I thought that this would be prefect to have as a great supplement. I think all these colours are absolutely prefect making this such a versatile palette.
The pigmentation is great, but do be aware that there is some fall-out, so just remember to tap the brush for any excess product before applying it to the lid. On top of the 1o eye shadows, the palette aslo include one of the smudge stick waterproof eye liner in halfmoon (a nice grey colour). So to me, this is a real must-have :)
I also got the Stila harvest set lip glaze trio. I love these and have them in several different colours already. In this autumn trio (from left to right) its orchard, spice and vanilla. I am not a big fan of strong/bright colours on my lips, so these are prefect for me. They add just enough colour but are still somewhat transparent. The staying power is great, so it is all about picking the colours you like.

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25 Sep 2012


I love my new ballet flats from Nine West. I have been looking for flats in bright fire hydrant red and was so happy to find these. They have a bit of a patent leather look to them, which I really like.

What I also really love was the price. You can never go wrong with TJ Maxx. I would not have paid $59.00 for these, so was very pleased to get them for a lot less. I love a good bargain :)

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24 Sep 2012

Eye Contact by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is probably best known for their undergarments, but they also have a make-up line. I have never tried any of their products before, but I really liked the look of this quad called "Eye Contact". I did think colours would be a bit more neutral than they turned out to be, but I am actually loving the more burnt look, which is prefect for autumn and winter. The pigmentation is pretty good and there was close to no fall-out, which is super great. I did have a bit of trouble blending out the dark crease colour, but that is the only "bad" thing I have to say about this quad.


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22 Sep 2012

Delicatesse by Chanel

I just returned from an amazing week in New York. Such a fantastic city and the shopping there is truely any shopaholics dream :) While I was there I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the limitid edition Chanel colours made for this years Fashion Night Out. I think the colour is great and prefect for autumn/winter.


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13 Sep 2012

Traveling tip

As I am about to head off on holiday, I thought I would share a quick little tip on how I secure my moisturizer and other liquids that are going into my bag. I just noticed that when I order liquid products online, a lot of companies put a little piece of tape over the lid to make sure nothing leaks during shipping, so I just figured I would do the same with all my little travel bottles and jars. Super easy and simple way to make sure there will be no nasty surprises when you open your bag :)
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12 Sep 2012


I am not sure I can describe just how much I love my Karen Millen pumps. I love the print, I love the zipper detail on the back, I just love love love them :) I got these at the Bicester Village Outlet and they were marked down to £35. So really what is not to love?? 

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11 Sep 2012

New backpack - comfort over style?

I might as well start off by saying that I think that backpacks are for children and people who are on hiking trips! No one will ever convince (the narrow-minded :) ) me that these will ever be cool...they are however extremely practical. So as I soon will be going on holiday, where a backpack just might be the most sensible choice, I went online to try and see if I could possibly find one that I would consider being seen wearing in public. No small task, but Asos came to my aid with this Fred Perry oak cotton canvas bag with leather look trims.
And despiste my initial reservations I really like it! I thought the colour would have been greener than it is, but other than that I am very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be bringing it on holiday with me.
I also quickly wanted to mention that I was really pleased with the packaging. I really liked that everything was wrapped, so that it was properly protected during shipping. Pin It


These dark green pumps are from Marks & Spencer. They were £19 I believe, so a total steal. It is not easy finding shoes in this colour and I absolutely love them. They have a tiny platform at the front making them really comfortable for actual walking - which is always an added bonus ;)

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10 Sep 2012

Vertigo by Chanel

Well I finally got my hands on at least one of the new colours from Chanel. I really wanted the light grey in the collection called Frenzy, but they didn't have that one. So to soften the blow I obviously had to get Vertigo :) I guess it does look a little bit like Stormy Weather but one can never have too many colours to choose from and even though this one looks charcoal grey in the picture it does have a slight brown undertone. In any case it is still an amazing colour and absolutely fantastic for autumn.

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8 Sep 2012

Mini haul

Wet n Wild trio Knock On Wood which I've had my eye on for a while and Intense Eye Liner Pen in 04 dark green from Gosh somehow fell into my shopping bag today :) Can't wait to try them.

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6 Sep 2012

Pots & Pans by Jamie Oliver

Well mostly just pans :) Recently a local supermarket had a sale on the Carbon Steel line from Jamie Oliver and as most of the pots and pans I already have are from Tefal/Jamie Oliver I obviously had to take advantage of this great offer! I got a muffin pan (for all those great Pintrest recipes), a springform pan 23cm, a loaf pan 12x25cm and a roaster 26x38cm

I love shopping for kitchenware, I never use it, but I do love buying it :) Cooking has never been my forte, but I so love having nice things in the kitchen and in the unlikely event that I one day will channel my inner cook I like feeling prepared. Pin It

5 Sep 2012


These cute dark blue Mary Jane pumps are from UK high street store Barratts. They are super comfortable with a heel of about 4-5cm. One of my very favourite pairs of shoes

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4 Sep 2012

Oh my GOSH

I recently got these two GOSH Mineral waterproof eye shadow sticks. They come in about 10 different colours, but I got 010 Green and 009 Rose. I find that they work perfect as a primer for "regular" eye shadow making the colour seem much more intense. I really like these and will definitely be getting some more colours at some point.
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3 Sep 2012

SODT - Shoes Of The Day

These soft pink patent leather shoes are from Primark and I got them on my last trip to London. I'm not normally a big fan of patent leather shoes, but with these I just fell in love with the colour. The heel is on the shorter side, making them good for actual walking ;)

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