11 Sep 2012

New backpack - comfort over style?

I might as well start off by saying that I think that backpacks are for children and people who are on hiking trips! No one will ever convince (the narrow-minded :) ) me that these will ever be cool...they are however extremely practical. So as I soon will be going on holiday, where a backpack just might be the most sensible choice, I went online to try and see if I could possibly find one that I would consider being seen wearing in public. No small task, but Asos came to my aid with this Fred Perry oak cotton canvas bag with leather look trims.
And despiste my initial reservations I really like it! I thought the colour would have been greener than it is, but other than that I am very satisfied with my purchase and will definitely be bringing it on holiday with me.
I also quickly wanted to mention that I was really pleased with the packaging. I really liked that everything was wrapped, so that it was properly protected during shipping. Pin It

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