16 Apr 2013

Revlon Brow Fantasy

Revlon is one of the brands that are not available here in Denmark, so when I go traveling I try to pick up some of their products to try out. I got the brow fantasy pencil & gel when I was in New York last year and it instantly became my favourite product to use on my brows. I still think that using a brow powder/eye shadow gives a much more natural look/finish, but for me it's just quicker using a pencil and when I do my make-up in the morning I am all about speed :) Whatever gets the job done the quickest is ultimately going to be my go-to and this pencil is great. I do also love the result I get with it and to me this pencil is just the right amount of creamy to apply with a good "colour payoff", but not greasy so that it becomes "obvious" and makes it look like you drew them on using a crayon :) I did buy the shade 104 dark blond in NY, but then placed the wrong order on Ebay once I got home and got the shade 108 light brown..however it turned out that both colours work well on me, so now I just use whichever one I grab first or choose the shade depending on what kind of look I'm doing that day.   

My only issue is that I wish that the pencil was longer as I don't really use the gel, as I find that it seems to clump up on my brows once is dries, which looks bad and in any case my brows don't really seem to "move around" during the day, so I don't feel I have the need for a gel. So I wish I could to just buy the pencil on its own in a "regular size" instead...that would be perfect :)

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