23 Oct 2012

Blotting paper & BB cream

Blotting paper is supposedly good for shine and oil control. The paper is meant absorb the excess oil/shine from the face without smudging out your makeup. I have never tried these as I normally have a pressed powder with me to fix the problem. However using a powder does mean adding more product to my face which I really wanted to get away from, so I found these from Paul & Joe. There are a million different brands out there and my reason for picking these were solely based on (low)price :) But hopefully they will do the trick; I can't wait to try them out.
Next up is my Stila Stay All day 10-in-1 HD beauty balm = BB Cream. I wasn't really planning on jumping on the whole BB cream band wagon, but I tried this in a store recently and was pleasantly surprised by the colour and texture. All other BB creams I have looked at all seem to have some scary colour that I do not dare to put on my face! So after finding this one non-intimidating I decided to get it and I have now been using it for about a month and I am really liking it. If you read all the benefits on the packaging it does sound like this is some kind of miracle product, but I wouldn't go that far though. I do really like it, as it hydrates my skin and works as a "primer" for my foundation. After I have started using this I have reduced the amount of foundation I would normally use to about half as this does give a fair amount of coverage on its own. On days when I am not really going for a full-coverage look I just use this with a powder over it and that works really good as well. However it won't fix everything, it doesn't on my in any case, but over all this is a really good product that I will be repurchasing..even if I do still think this whole BB cream fad is a bit overrated :)

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