12 Aug 2012

In between brush cleaning

I try to clean my make up brushes about every two weeks (with brush cleanser and water), but I don't always have time to do it or time to wait for them to dry. So in between the proper cleaning I use alcoholic swabs as a quick way to keep them at least somewhat clean.

I use DK brand Neutral, because they are 100% parfume and pareben free, but mostly because they are the ones I already keep in my bag for my hands. You can use any brand available, but they should contian alcohol to disinfect and clean the brushes. 3 swabs are normally enough to get through all my brushes.

I use one swab for all the eye brushes. Just take the dirty brushes and carefully wipe them on the swab. Try not to push too hard when doing this as we don't want the brush to loose it's shape.
I have about 8 face brushes, so with the final 2 swabs I fold them in half and use one side for one brush, turning it over for each new brush. 

Keep in mind that this will not leave the brushes as clean as when you use the brush cleanser and water, but it will keep them going a little longer in between.

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  1. Neat idea....going to try this!!

    1. Thanks :) It's super easy, cheap and a great way to keep your brushes clean.

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