21 Aug 2012

ELF - Eyes Lips Face

Eyes Lips Face, or ELF to those in the know, is a cosmetics brand with very budget-friendly prices. I have a few things from them including this palette containing 100 eye shadows! 

This palette has just about every colour you could ever want. 

 Here are a few swatched with some random colours:

I think this is a really great palette. Whenever I'm "missing" a colour for an eye look, I can always find it here. This is also a great beginners palette as it gives you the oppertunity to try out and experiment with so many different colours and find out what works for you. There is a good mix of matte and shimmer colours, but most on the matte side.
Most also have a fairly good colour pay off and good pigmentation. I will say that the staying power is GREATLY improved with an eye primer. Otherwise I find that these colours will not last all day, will crease a bit and that the colour pay off isn't as good. This is obviously not handy for travel, but prefect to keep at home as a go-to for that "missing" colour or for trying out different colours/looks to see how they suit you.
In Europe ELF products are not sold in stores, only online here. I can recomend signing up for their newsletter or following them on Facebook, as they do special offers almost weekly. I couldn't find this exact palette online anymore, but this one comes fairly close. Pin It

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