22 Aug 2012

Bath & Body Shop

I recently discovered Bath & Body Shop a UK website that sell my latest obsession, the I love...coconut & cream products. As they are not sold here in DK I am always on the lookout for online store to save the day. So after coming across Bath & Body Shop I thought I would give them a try.

 Thought that their packaging was super cute :)

Their prices are really excellent and even with the postage I had to pay from the UK to DK, it was cheaper than Nelly.com which have previously supplied me with my coconut fix.

I also decided to try something new, so I got the shower gel..it was £2 so I kind of had too :)
They list on their website that they ship to the European Union and that it can take 10-14 days for delivery to arrive, but my order got shipped on a Thursday and arrived Tuesday, so I was well impressed and will definitely be a repeat buyer. Besides I love... they also carry Bath & Body Works, Lip Smackers, EOS and Victoria Secret products to name a few. Pin It

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