16 Aug 2012

The Peter Pan collar

I am really loving the Peter Pan collar at the moment and have managed to accumulate a minor collection. 

This sleeveless lacy top from Asos in a light green colour I got on sale just before the summer. It's super cute and I am really happy with it, even if I was a little unsure about the colour at first.

This fantastic navy blue top from French Connection is my favourite. I have suppressed how much it was, but knowing FC it was probably something like £60! I absolutely love FC, but sometimes their prices are just ridiculous. But I just had to have this top and I wear it all the time, so.... :)

This cute bright red polkadot top is from Top Shop and I got it for free! Kind off anyway, I was getting some boots and the sales lady pointed out that they were having a 2 for 1 sale, so I took another look and found this little gem. I absolutely love it!

Nice light red "dress"shirt with hearts on from Primark. It has puffy sleeves and the print is lovely. It is great office wear but also great with jeans.

I may or may not have more items with the Peter Pan collar, but these 4 are definitely my favourites. Looking through the latest fashion magazines I am happy to see that the collar is part of the A/W trend, so my collection is likely to grow even bigger. Pin It

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