5 Aug 2012

Blondes have more fun...with John Frieda

I recently rediscovered John Frieda's Sheer Blonde line that I used to use years ago. I purchased two products, the Go Blonder controlled lightening spray and the 3 Minute colour renew tone-booster.

I am what you call a colour-treated blonde. Naturally I am probably medium to dark blonde, but I get highlights approx. 4 times a year.

I have been using the lightening spray for when my roots start to show. This product goes onto towel dried hair and starts it's magic once heat is applied i.e. hairdreyer or the like, the more heat the lighter the result. This is a spray and easy to use, but this product is only for people who are naturally blonde as it does contain hydrogen peroxide. If you are a brunette looking to bleach your hair this is NOT the product to use.
And for blondes, please remember this is just like any other bleach that you use on your hair. This is not a product to use on a daily basis at all. I use this maybe once every 2 weeks when my roots start to show and I use it only to make the transition less harsh. So just be careful using this stuff as I think overuse could end up damaging the hair. I love this product as I can stretch the visits to my hairdresser just that little bit longer.

The 3 Minute tone-booster is a hair treatment that removes the brassy look (yellowish undertone) that colour treated hair gets after a while. I start using this product about 6+ weeks after I have had my hair coloured and I really think this puts the brightness back into my hair. I could perhaps do without the weird "lavender" smell, but it is such a minor detail when it otherwise does what is says on the bottle.

The treatment also leaves my very fine hair utterly soft and without any volume whatsoever..which I hate :) I look for volume any place I can with my haircare products, so I tend to shy way from stuff that leaves my hair too soft, which is why I use this treatment mostly on the days when I am just staying at home.  

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