9 Aug 2012

LiQWD gold

Or at least you would think so at the price! No, LiQWD is fantastic, it is just really pricy. I was at my lovely hair dressers yesterday having my hair cut and coloured, but I also needed to stock up on my LiQWD volumizing spray.
Besides being expensive this is an amazing product. I have used it for about 2 years now and have no plans to stop in the near future.
I have super fine hair and keep it short ( i.e. pixi cut, think Michelle William and Ginnifer Goodwin) so I need all the volume and structure I can get.
I also use their other styling product called SLiQWD which is a gel-like product and I use their volumizing shampoo and conditioner as well. So all in all, for my hair I only use their products :) 
All their stuff is based on the Nano-Hydrosphere technology and if you read about their products it sounds like they can more or less walk on water ;)
Like I said I love their products, they do wonders for my hair and the smell is AMAZING and I guess I don't know much (anything) about nano-tecnology, but I am always just a little bit "sceptical" when it comes to the claims of haircare and beauty products in general. And while LiQWD products are great, I personally find them to be a little more "of this world" than the packaging might suggests ;) 

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