27 Aug 2012

Almond Oil aka The Miracle Product

I decided to try out almond oil last year after coming across this random article about a UK hand model who had tried out all these different hand products, but always went back to almond oil. I have always suffered from really dry cuticles, so I really noticed when she mentioned that using almond oil meant that she only need one product for her hands.
The reason that this truly is such a small miracle is that it can be used for anything and everything!Aside from the fact that you can actually pour this over your salad and eat it if you wanted, this oil is perfect as a body lotion, hand lotion, eye make-up remover, it is good at relieving irritated skin (razor bumps), some people use it as a "shaving cream" and others even claim that it helps to prevent stretch marks.
Personally I used it as my daily body and hand lotion as well as my eye make-up remover. Besides being really cheap in comparison to all the products I would otherwise be using, this is all natural. If you are concerned about parabens, perfume or other ingredients in the products you use on your skin it doesn't really get much better than this.
I suppose that any oil can be used, but I know that one of the reasons for almond oil being so popular is that it is a fairly thin oil and is absorbed into the skin relatively quickly. Also almond oil has almost no scent, where something olive oil instantly would make me think of food or cooking :)
As an eye make-up remover this stuff is amazing. Also considering that the under eye area is one of the most sensitive on the body, I doubt that you would find anything more gentle to remove your make-up with. As an added bonus I have heard people claim that their lashes have actually grown after they started using almond oil. I will say that I do feel like my lashes look fuller and more healthy.
So overall there is nothing bad to be said about this product! My only issue is that here in DK they sell it in a glass bottles and from personal experience I can confirm that breaking said bottle is not something I would recommend...the stuff gets everywhere and is almost impossible to clean up. So be careful with it, perhaps pour it into something else to use on a daily basis.

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  1. Hej Lisbeth
    I always use the brown bottles as vases when they are empty ;-)
    Maria Grundtvig (ja fra 10.)

  2. Hej Maria,
    Excellent, always good to recycle ;)