29 Aug 2012


Whenever I say that I shop for beauty products online most people always mention Lookfantastic.com. I normally tend to favour Beautybay.com, but I started following Lookfantastic on Facebook recently and when they were having a special on my St.Tropez SPF I thought I would give them a try. 
They have free delivery and my package arrived after 7 days. Their packaging was fine, it arrived in a small box and was well protected, so the product was in perfect condition. Included was a small sample of a microfoliant from Dermalogica. I almost never receive samples of anything I can actually try (I have very sensitive skin and I can't use products that are heavily scented), so much to my surprise this stuff totally sounds like something I would considered purchasing myself, as it contains ingredients that I know work on my skin. So I am actually somewhat excited about trying out this sample.
I will definitely order from this site again, based on a good overall experience, but as I can't help to compare them with BeautyBay, I have to say that there are just a few things that annoy me a little. This is mostly to do with their website and its outlay. I find it hard to find the products I want on their site. If I click on a brand I would like the option of seeing everything they have and not having to click on different sub-categories, that incidentally too often have no products in them at all?? Also their selection, at least when it came to a lot of the brands that I favour, just wasn't that great. So for me, I know that unless they are having a sale or a specific special on something I use, BeautyBay will most likely remain my go-to for online shopping of beauty products, with Lookfantastic as a good back-up though :)
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