1 May 2013

Starlet by Chanel

It seems to be all about nails these days, but with the Chanel Avant Première de Chanel Collection for Spring 2013 in the stores now how could it not. The collection consists of these four colours and from what I hear the shade Starlet will be limited edition, the other 3 will be included in the permanent range:
Picture borrowed from Cosmo
I tried to contain myself, so I just got Starlet seeing as it was the one I liked the most and the one that is limited edition, so I wanted to get it while I still could. It is such a pretty pink/peach shade with subtle gold shimmer. Absolutely perfect for spring and I'm already loving it :) I also already know that I will have to get Paparazzi at some point. It is an amazing burgundy colour, also with shimmer, so pretty! I really do love my reds, so we shall see if I can withstand the urge to also get Cinéma :D  The last one, Provocation, is a deep plum and not really a shade I typically go for, so I that one I shall be giving a miss...but 3 out of 4 isn't bad :)

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