24 May 2013

Maestro fusion makeup by Giorgio Armani

And the winner is...me! A few weeks ago I randomly entered a competition my local department store was running on Facebook. You had the chance to win the Maestro fusion makeup by Giorgio Armani in the shade 5,5 and wouldn't you know, I actually won! Me, who never wins anything, I was (overly)excited when I found out :) 

But back to my grand prize. I was a little worried about the shade being too dark for me at first, but it works surprisingly well, however it's definitely a summer-shade for me. The foundation dispenses from a teat pipette, which I've never seen before, but it's a very good thing as this foundation is extremely fluid and this helps to control the amount you get really well. I find that a little goes a long way when applying and that it's super important to shake it well before use, as it says on the bottle, because if you don't the colour changes quite dramatically. 

The best words to describe the texture once on the skin are probably odd or strange. I don't mean this in a negative way, but it truly feels very different to any foundation I've ever tired and it just feels a little....strange :) Once it's on you almost can't feel it and I find myself touching my face a lot to make sure it is still on, so an extremely lightweight foundation for sure. I find it to have pretty good medium coverage and it dries to a matte almost powdery finish. I definitely had to cut back on my powder with this foundation as it otherwise becomes very visible and mask-looking. 

In terms of staying power I have oily to combination skin and even though it says it is for all skin types, I think it will hold up better on normal skin. I can't get it to last all day and my t-zone does pretty shiny through out the day, so on me this is not a long wearing foundation. 

I do actually really like it, the finish and feel of the foundation is just so unusual and different. I like the look it gives and it might be light weight enough for me to wear in the summer, depending on how the heat affects the staying power obviously :)

Would I buy this foundation "again"? Not sure to be honest. I do like it a lot, but the price is just quite outrageous here in Denmark, so for that reason alone, probably not. Even if it is quite a special foundation it just isn't good enough in terms of staying power to make me want to spend that kind of money on it, but I'm happy to have gotten the opportunity to try it out like this :) 

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