15 May 2013

Fancy nails

I'm not normally big on doing anything but one colour on my nails and I prefer solid shades, but this might also partly be due to my total lack of skills when it comes to doing any type of "nail art" :) But after getting the Sally Hansen Gem crush in the shade 04 Blingtastic in one of MyBeautyBox I kept wanting to live a little and try it with my Blue Rebel by Chanel, so recently I (finally) took the time to give it a go! 

I did one coat of Blue Rebel followed by one coat of Blingtastic and I think it turned out pretty good :) It is very shiny, but somehow still "subtle" because of the dark blue. I know that this by no means qualifies as "nail art", but it is about as fancy as I can get :D 

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