23 Jun 2013

My foundation routine for combination to oily skin

First thing you will notice with this foundation routine is that I don't actually mention any specific foundation! This is a routine that basically works with any foundation you choose and will help keep oil and shine at bay through out the day...at least this has been my experience the past few months, so I though I would share :) 

I have included my morning skincare products below - all from the Effeclar series by French pharmacy brand La Roche-Posay, just for good measure, even if it really isn't part of the overall make-up routine. All these products are for combination/oily skin and do ultimately help give a more matt finish to my skin.

La Roche-Posay Effeclar series
The first step in this routine is primer. If you "suffer" from oily skin using a primer is a must, if you want to prolong the staying power of your foundation. For the past year I've been partial to the Photo Finish primer from Smashbox, but have also used the Neutrogena shine control with great results. I actually think I prefer the shine control, but both are really good primers.

Recently however, I have been using an SPF from La Roche-Posay! This was a bit of an experiment as in the past I have found all SPF's for the face to be super greasy and something I've only ever resorted to when on holiday and definitely never something I used with my make-up. But this is a dry touch formula and it truly is an amazing primer! It's actually quite superior to the other two on my skin and I've used nothing but since I got it. Added benefits is the SPF 50,which is the recommended SPF for the face, it is great for sensitive skin and without parabens and perfume. Really what is not to love?

I know that Vichy has a similar product, which I haven't tried, it does however contain perfume - or so I'm told.

Left to right: Neutrogena Shine Control Primer, La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 Dry touch and Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer
Step 2 is a loose translucent powder. This is a fairly new step for me in my routine, I randomly came across it surfing the web one day. I decided to give it a try, seeing if it really made a difference in terms of controlling shine and prolonging the staying power of my foundation and I found that it did. I use it lightly all over the face, but with extra focus on the t-zone where I get the most shine, applying it with a large powder brush.

I've been really pleased with the e.l.f. HD Powder for this step, which also has the added bonus of a great price tag. At a recent Sephora visit I got my hands on a deluxe sample of the MUFE Microfinish Powder, which I can also recommend.

E.l.f. High Definition Powder and MUFE Microfinish powder

Next step is then to apply my foundation, but as I mentioned at the beginning, this is a routine that works with any (liquid) foundation. So I'm "skipping" that step here and going straight to the last step which is setting powder.

If you have oily skin you benefit greatly by setting your foundation with a powder. I'm not a big fan of using the HD powders mentioned above as my setting powder. I just don't like the "colour" they give and I prefer pressed powders. I alternate between the 3 pictured below, depending on mood and whether I want to add some colour or not. Reserve Your Cabana by Wet n' Wild is actually a bronzer, but it works perfect as a setting powder. I don't find that one works better than the other and I really do reach equally for all 3.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish, Wet n' Wild Bronzer and Neutrogena Shine control powder

I "suffer" for oily skin year round and as much as I try to embrace and accept it, keep reminding myself that it should mean less wrinkles for me when I get old, I do gravitate towards skincare and make-up products that help control and minimise oil and shine on my face. 
That being said I don't really want products that completely eliminate it, as I find it hard to believe that such products would allow my skin to breath and wouldn't ultimately clog my pores and generally be bad for my skin long term.

But I have now been doing this routine, with multiple different foundations, for about 2-3 months and for me it has made a massive difference in the overall appearance and staying power of my foundation(s). I live in Denmark where we, despite some less than impressive temperatures, do endure crazy levels of humidity, which basically sucks if you have oily skin and more often than not makes your make-up run down your face! But with this routine I've truly had such improvements in this area, even on days were the humidity have been high. I still have oil and shine coming through, but nothing like I use to, which is enough for me to keep up this routine! 

Obviously I cannot guarantee that this will work for anybody but me...but it can't hurt to share, just in case someone else can benefit :)

As a very last point ( I promise) I want to say, learn to love blotting paper! Instead of using more product and continuing to re-powder throughout the day, I find that using blotting paper is a massive help. More product often just makes for a cakey look, especially if you powder directly on the oily part. If you feel that you have to powder, use blotting paper first and you'll get a much better result.

Bobbi Brown blotting papers

The End 

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