28 Feb 2013

Sigma Brush Spa - Brush Cleaning Glove

The already (in)famous Sigma Spa™ Brush Cleaning Glove :) It hasn't been out long and already it's caused quite a stir. I got mine a few days ago and have used it once to clean all my brushes and contrary to what seem to be popular opinion I actually really like it :) 

I have a lot of brushes, mostly because I'm really lazy and hate cleaning them. My hands are also not fond of being in contact with water for long (I always wear gloves when doing the dishes and overall cleaning), so this glove seemed like the perfect solution for me. I managed to clean all my 40+ brushes and my hands were as good as new afterwards...almost a priceless feat in my world ;) I also have to say that my brushes seem a lot cleaner, which might be because water was no longer an issue, so I could really get in there and clean them properly. I also found that I used a lot less soap as it seem to lather up better on the glove, than when just using my (bare)hand. 

Is $36 a lot of money for a glove, that looks like an oven glove and whose sole purpose is to clean your make-up brushes? Possibly, but luckily that is for each of us to decide :) As price seems to be the biggest "issue" people have with the glove, I say try to find a "dupe". I for one am pretty happy with my new glove as it has made brush cleaning something I hate a little less now :)

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