26 Feb 2013

Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips

I recently decided to give the Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips a try. I'd had my eye on the "Love Letter" ones for a while and finally caved when the local drugstore had them on sale. I've never tried using strips on my nails before and I have to say that applying them was a lot harder than I thought. As a result I was not really all that pleased with the way they came out and took them off almost immediately - not sure if the pictures really show how bad they looked, but it was not pretty. I am honestly not sure if it was the strips, if my nails are "weird" or if I'm just really bad at applying them, but they are pretty expensive here, so I didn't really feel like getting another set to find out. Essie just came out with their own strips and they have a very similar set with the writing on them and I have purchased those to try out at some point...hopefully with a prettier outcome :)

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