28 Jul 2012

I scream, you scream...everybody needs sunscreen

Summer is here...well at least on paper! This past week has been hot and sunny here in CPH, so it has been necessary to bring out the sunscreen.

But I have actually started using it in the spring/summer months, regardless of the weather, in stead of my normal body lotion. That way I am covered in case the sun comes out, but I also just think it makes good sense to keep my skin protected, as it is at risk even on cloudy days.

I have always been a big fan of Vichy Capital Soleil which is without parfume and is paraben free. I use the SPF 30 on mostly the lower part of my body i.e. my stomach, back, legs and feet. I find that it is quickly absorbed into the skin and does an acceptable job of being a moisturiser as well.

On my upper body I have recently started using the St.Tropez SPF 30 with melanobronzer. This is a sunscreen with tan enhancer. According to the tube melanobronzer is a "innovative ingredient that gently stimulates the body's own melanin production to help enhance your tan naturally".

At present I really have no actual tan to speak off, but I will say that I still think it leaves my skin with a tiny "glow" which is partly why I started using it on my arms etc. I also really really love the scent/smell of the product. I am crap at describing smells, but I am normally extremely sensitive too products that are heavely scented and will return/not buy products for that reason alone. But this one I just love! It also works fine as a moisturiser for me.

As I think it is a bit pricy compared to the one from Vichy I try to use it only on the parts of my body that are normally "out" during the warmer times of the year :)  

At present I don't use an actual sunscreen product for my face. My daily moisturiser has SPF 15 in it so I have just been using that. However I have just ordered a St. Tropez one specifically for the face also with the tan enhancer, as I've just been so pleased with the one for the body. Excited to see how that works out.
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