30 Jul 2012

MUS eye shadows

I recently got 3 eye shadows from Swedish brand Make Up Store. I had never tried any of their products before, but after swatching some of their eye shadows in the store I just had to get them. They have SO many fabulous and stunning colours and I had such a hard time choosing as I wanted them all :)

But I managed to contain myself and boil it down to these three:

From left to right: Powdery Nut, Cashmere & Dramatic

 All the swatches are done without primer, just directly on the skin. I think Powdery Nut is a lot more visible than comes across in my pic, but the other two are fairly accurate to how they appear in "real life".

I think all three are nice and pigmented and have good staying power. I have used them a lot and have yet to experience any issues with them fading ect. during the day. So I have been very pleased with my purchase and it is definitely not the last MUS eye shadows I have bought :)
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