4 Dec 2012

Estée Lauder Michael Kors

This limited edition extravaganza by Estée Lauder and Michael Kors is the perfect gift, right in time for Christmas! They come in several combination (about 5 I believe), each with a different Michael Kors clutch/cosmetics case and different make-up by Estée Lauder. I chose to treat myself to an early Christmas present so I got the black clutch which contains a compact with 3 blushes, a lipsticks, a gloss, a mascara, an eye line and a nail lacquer. The retail price is DKK 595,- (valued at DKK 1.230,-) I was lucky as I managed to snatch up my set when Sephora was running a little special with 20% off everything a few weeks ago :)

But let's get started on the Estée Lauder goodies. First up is the Pure Color Intense Kajal Eyeliner in 01 Blackened black. I shall be honest and say that I am not a massive fan of black eye liners, so I have yet to try this one out, but when I swatched it, it seemed to be really good quality.

Next up is the Delux blush compact in (left to right) 74 Soulful Spice, 09 Brazen Bronze and 10 Lover's blush Shimmer. I love the actual compact, but initially I was a little disappointed with these blushes as these are shades I wouldn't typically go for, but I have been proven wrong. After using them for weeks I have to say that I absolutely love them. All 3 colours are really lovely on their own, but I have actually been sweeping my blush brush over all 3 and love the colour that combination gives the most, plus it has amazing staying power and will last more or less all day, very impressive. This is turning out to be one of my favourite items in the set.

For the nails there is Pure Color Nail Lacquer in the shade 03 Enchanted Garnet and this colour is amazing! I absolutely love it, a bright but deep red that just looks great. I don't recall ever having tried an Estée Lauder nail varnish before, but after this one I will definitely be taking a closer look at their selection. It has really good staying power and was easy to apply. Did I mention that the colour is fantastic! :)

Then there's the Sumptuous Extreme Mascara 2,8ml in black. Again, not a big fan of black mascara, so I haven't really tried this one, but it is the perfect size to keep in your bag and it has the typ of brush I prefer so I might end up trying it out :)

Then for the lips, the lip Pure Color Lipsticks in 74 Cherry Passion is just fabulous. The colour is truly cherry red, I have yet to be brave enough to wear it outside the comforts of my own home, but one day I will because it is just so pretty.  The Pure Color gloss in the shade 15 Garmet Desire    shimmer is a little more subtle so this I have worn several times and it is lovely. It has excellent staying power and the shade is prefect for that little pop of colour.

I shall be honest and say that the primary reason I had to have this set was the Michael Kors cosmetics case. It was love at first sight, it is just so pretty and I adore Michael Kors. I love the fake "snakeskin" look, though I am not sure what material it's made from, it feels really soft, but still sturdy and strong. Inside it has one big compartment in the middle and 2 smaller ones on the sides. The observant reader will have noticed that the case originally comes with a tassel (see first picture of this post for reference), however tassels and I aren't a good match, so I removed it and now I love it even more! I keep in my handbag for all my make-up and every time I take it out I fall little bit more in love with it :)

I have never really tried much Estée Lauder make-up in the past, but I have to say that all the items in this set are such good quality, so pigmented and with amazing staying power, that they just gained a fan :)

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