7 Nov 2012

Calvin Klein make-up

To be fair I have never really seen Calvin Klein make-up sold in any drugstores or department stores, but my local supermarket sometimes has a jumble box with random CK stuff at very low prices. So a while back I picked up a bronzing powder and an eye shadow - each at about DKK 25/$4 - and thought I would just give them a try, see if they were a hit or a miss. Turns out I really love them! The bronzer is in the colour Enchance and I use every day. It is excellent for contouring, even though it has some shimmer to it, but it's very little and almost unnoticeable. The eye shadow is in the colour Vanilla cream and I also use this more or less every day. This has really become my go-to highlighter for under the brow bone and in the inner corner. Recently they had the jumble box out again, so I stocked up on both items, just to be on the safe side :)

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