28 Aug 2013

Shoes Of The Day - Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals

I love my new shoes :) These are the Stylish Ankle Strap Heeled Sandals from New Look via ASOS. I had originally had my eye on the Steve Madden Realove pumpbut after reading some reviews online, that mainly said that while they looked amazing they were unbelievably uncomfortable to wear, being very narrow and with a 4 inch heel height, that made them prefect for standing only, I decided to try and find an alternative :) 

ASOS actually have a fairly big selection of sandals like these, but I went for the ones from New Look, mostly because of the price, but also because they had the shortest heel height with 9 cm (approx 3,5 inches) making the perfectly fine for walking :) 

I find them to be comfortable and good to walk in. I love how versatile they are as they go with any dress but can also be rocked with boyfriend jeans for a more casual look, similar to how I'm wearing them today.

So I am very happy with my choice, even if I do still think the Steve Maddens ones are amazing..to look at ;) 

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